Importance of wearing a Retainer

So it’s finally time to get your braces taken off, after months, maybe years, of wearing them. Congratulations! But there are a few things you need to know about post-orthodontic care for your teeth.

Your dentist has probably already told you that you’ll need a retainer to keep your teeth straight and in line. There are several different types of retainers; if you are not going to be wearing fixed retainers, and then this post is meant for you.

Removable Retainer

Fixed Retainer

Here at Smile Stylist Dental we cannot stress this enough, but it is extremely important to wear your retainer as much as your dentist tells you. If he/she tells you to wear it at least 12 hours per day, do it. If you don’t, your teeth WILL move out of place, into their original, crooked places. Braces put pressure on your teeth, forcing them to move to a straighter position, after your braces are removed, the pressure doesn’t just go away. It takes a while for your mouth to get used to your teeth being in the new positions. A retainer will hold your teeth straight while your teeth settle and pressure subsides. Not wearing a retainer lets your teeth move, because there won’t be anything there to keep them in place.

Many people make the mistake of not wearing retainers when they are younger as this is not stressed enough to them. This is how 70% of our patients make it to our practice through in correct after care, resulting in costing them for treatment later in life.

Even patients that come into our practice who have never had orthodontic treatment need to realize the important of correct after care wearing the retainer for the amount of time given. Not wearing your retainer can not only effect your teeth it can effect your bank balance to!

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