Nervous to see the dentist? Dont be………..

We understand and sympathies what our nervous patients must feel when they are attending for their appointments.

Most people fear the dentists due to previous experiences at the dentists from childhood or they get worked up by the scary tales to by family members and friends when they visited the dentist.

People tend to remember negative experiences more then positive experiences and this plays a major part in the stories and tales that travel around as they are most likely to be 90% negatives stories.

So we have thought of methods from our own research and experiences with nervous patients to help you to relax at your next appointment.

1. Bring a mp3 player with you. Some patients are terrified of the noise of the drill which makes them anxious so listening to music can make you feel at ease.

2. Talk to your dentist. By talking to your dentist before treatment will allow you to feel comfortable with the dentist. You can tell your dentist face to face exactly what you fear and they will reinsure you and meet your needs.

3. Technology. The technology and methods have advanced so fast over the recent years which have made treatments much safer and easier for dentists and patients. Maybe your childhood dentist was cruel and old fashioned but those are the old days which have gone. Research into dentistry is happening as we speak.

4. Breathing. Try doing breathing exercises before coming into the practice to bring your heart rate down and to relax you. Taking in breaths through your nose slowly and exhaling out of your mouth slowly will help you relax.

5. Remember you can always tell the dentist to stop whenever you like before or during a treatment. So you are in total control!

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