Treatment Coordinators

Treatment Coordinators

Treatment Coordinating is a new way to offer potential clients an experience which is new to dentistry.

The role of a Treatment Coordinator (TCO) is rapidly growing within UK dental practices.. Every type of practice in the UK can now take advantage of having a productive Treatment Coordinator not only in private practice, but in mixed and NHS practices too.

So what is a Treatment Coordinator?

A Treatment Coordinator is someone in your practice who, with the right skills and training, will facilitate the new patient, by giving them a complete new experience than the ‘dentist appointment’ A Treatment Coordinator is a friendly face to the practice that looks at the patients wants and needs with out giving the clinical verdict! The TC promotes and sells the practice and its services by revealing their true value to prospective patients, frees up dentist’s time, increases case acceptance ratios and increases practice profits.

Consider the time spent by the dentist with the New Patients and think how much of that time is nondiagnostic?

A Treatment Coordinator can often reduce up to 60% of doctor/patient time; you work out the maths! And rather than this being a barrier to patients – which is indeed what many dentist’s think – in my experience patients actually feel much more at ease with the Treatment Coordinator and open up more and therefore better informed.

At Smile Stylist Dental and New Street Dental our two treatment coordinators are Rachel Teeling & Sharon Kaur. Both have a dental nursing background which is not nessacary but does help! Both have taken training under Laura Horton consulting, who is always on hand to help if needed.

If you are thinking of indroducing this is your practice then take a look at her fantastic website

If you are a potential patient then please feel free to call any two of the practices for more information about consultations with treatment coordinators.

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