You are one step away from a Healthy Smile

Lifelong protection for both teeth and gums starts with regular dental and hygiene visits.

80% of adults have gum disease to some degree and everyone needs advice on oral healthcare.

Gum disease is a common cause of tooth loss in adult patients. Tooth loss is associated with its own set of problems. At Smile Stylist, our prime concern is for our patients to have a healthy mouth with a good standard of oral hygiene.

Detection of Gum Disease

Gum problems are mostly painless, and patients are often not aware that gum disease is present. The main causes of gum disease are plaque and tartar deposits around the teeth and gums.

As part of our oral health screening, we assess each patient for:

  • Signs/severity of any gum disease
  • Levels of plaque/tartar present
  • Amount of gum inflammation
  • X-rays, special gum measurements and a dental assessment accurately show us how
  • Serious the problem is.

 The hygienist

After careful assessment by a dentist, the hygienist carries out all the necessary treatment to ensure a healthy mouth. The needs of each patient vary from one visit of thorough scaling and polishing of teeth, to multiple visits requiring deep cleaning under local anaesthetic. Hygienists are qualified to give local anaesthetic, and can also carry out other types of treatment such as fissure sealants on children. The hygienist works very closely with the dentist to ensure that your mouth is as healthy as possible.

Laser Gum Treatment

Using a state-of-the-art dental laser machine, we can re-contour gums for a more attractive smile. Lasers can also correct difficult gum problems in advanced cases without the need for surgery!

Routine Care @ Smile Stylist – the dental practice

Full examination fee is £45.00 (include x-rays and treatment plan)

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