Testimonial – Keith Hepherd

 Q. What motivated you to change your smile?

A. Gum Disease bad teeth (stained and crumbling) and a denture i could not stand.

Q. What treatment did you have?

A. Extractions, fillings, Implants and whitening

Q. How comfortable did you feel during the treatment process?

A. 2 hrs having implants was not the best but otherwise everything was explained and performed very professionally.

Q.How did you feel about the results? Did they match or exceed your expectations?

A. The results are there for all to see, check out my photos. I’m well chuffed!

Q. What difference has your new smile made to your life?

A. It sure has, Confidence has gone through the roof not ashamed of the look anymore

Q. Did you find the Smile Stylist Team helped you through this experience? If so in what way?

A. Sandeep and the team WOW! what a team, very friendly professional and polite. The Best!

Any other comments you would like to make?

From having 3 teeth at the top to 10 teeth and no plate is the best feeling i could have. My confidence has improved tremendously and its all down to the team! Thanks a million guys!

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