Unhappy with your Smile?

Unhappy with your smile?

Restorative dentistry is an umbrella term for the treatment and diagnosis of conditions relating to the teeth and any structures that support them. Restorative treatment is commonly used to repair damaged or missing teeth. This field also includes the treatment of damaged oral tissue or bone structure. Restorative procedures can be instrumental to increasing the aesthetic appeal of a person’s smile and can have several benefits for general oral health; untreated tooth decay can cause infection to spread to other teeth or parts of the mouth. Missing and damaged teeth can also lead to malocclusion which has implications for the actions of eating and talking.

As we all no a nice healthy smile is confidence. For ourselves and people we meet. Today’s modern dental technology is capable of creating a natural healthy smile which can be even better than the smile nature provided us. In the hands of an experienced cosmetic dentist, the smile you always dreamed you wanted can be a reality!

Here at Smile Stylist Dental, Dr Kumar believes that each one of us has the right to achieve the level of oral health we desire to reach. It is up to the doctor to set realistic goals to accomplishing this, every smile is individual, I believe it is necessary to work with you, the patient, to review your own goals for your smile and provide all the options.

Read what our patients say…

Dr Kumar and his team WOW! What a team, Very friendly, professional and polite. The best! From having 3 teeth at the top to 10 teeth and no plate is the best feeling I could have. My confidence has improved tremendously.  The results are there for all to see, check out my photos ‘I’m well chuffed’ – K Hepherd

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