David – ‘Absolutely fantastic – Excellent from start to finish’

  • What motivated you to change your smile?

My teeth were very stained and i had become self conscious about smiling.

  • What treatment did you have?


  • Your experience through out the treatment journey for example the quality of care, service, quality of treatment and customer care?

Absolutely fantastic – Excellent from start to finish.

  • How has it made you feel since the treatment? What are the benefits to you?

I feel confident to smile properly again – Delighted

  • What advice would you give to people that are considering our services?

Definitely go ahead with Smile Stylist

Any comments you wish to make?

I have very sensitive teeth and was very nervous, I had tried home whitening via my own dentist and been unable to stand the pain for even 30 minutes, The staff made every effort to relax and reassure me and Dr Dee gave me an examination first and covered up the sensitive gaps between my teeth and gums before proceeding. I still felt very apprehensive but i experienced no pain at all, In fact i fell asleep! I was given 4 treatments over one hour & half and my teeth are now 13 shades lighter. I am very, very happy. Thank you SMILE STYLIST and Dr Dee.

David Biddle

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