Testimonial – Donna Rowe

Q. What motivated you to change your smile?

A. Always wanted a perfect smile, and wanted straight white teeth for my wedding.

Q. What treatment did you have?

A. Teeth Straightening Teeth Whitening

Q. How comfortable did you feel during the treatment process?

A. Completely happy and comfortable

Q.Did they match or exceed your expectations?

A.  Really happy that the results matched my high expectations

Q. What difference has your new smile made to your life?

A. Happier to smile without worrying about not having straight teeth.

Q. Did you find the Smile Stylist Team helped you through this experience? If so in what way?

A. The whole team are very friendly and professional

Any other comments you would like to make?

I have had an excellent experience and i will continue to recommend to friends and family.

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