Testimonial – Lorna Dodd

Q. What motivated you to change your smile?

A. I did not like my old veneers they kept falling out!

Q. What treatment did you have?

A. 6 Veneers, Gum contouring and teeth whitening 

Q. How comfortable did you feel during the treatment process?

A.Very comfortable. Dr Sandeep Kumar really does care about your teeth. He uses all the new technology and is up to date with all the new developments so you know you are getting  a 1st class service 

Q.Did they match or exceed your expectations?

A. Very  happy!

Q. What difference has your new smile made to your life?

A. I fell more confident! 

Q. Did you find the Smile Stylist Team helped you through this experience? If so in what way?

A. All the team are very welcoming

Any other comments you would like to make?

Thank You!

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